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Our Vision

    Last Chance Endeavors is the passion project of Chance Ruder and Sarah Kathryn Meng. The concept is to bring hands-on wildlife education to students of all ages in a new and exciting way. With the goal of continual improvement, we’ve started by building a series of in-school field-trip programs for classrooms to supplement their science curriculum. Our programs generally focus on wildlife and ecosystems, but we also work to integrate large cross-sections of multi-disciplinary concepts. Schools and organizations can choose from our pre-developed curriculum, or we can design a program for your classes’ specific need.

    Once our in-person programs are well established, we plan to incorporate distance learning into our repertoire. Real-time video conferencing with individual classrooms will bring wild frontiers to students across the country. We are in the process of building the infrastructure for a subscription-based program where classrooms can sign up to have monthly or bi-monthly skype sessions with Last Chance Endeavors to learn about the environments we are traveling to. We believe that by connecting students to a wide variety of ecosystems, they will be more invested in and informed about the world they’ll be running in a few short decades. While every student may not be able to physically visit the Sahara, with our distance learning programs they can still see and hear it in real time, engaging with us directly to spark their passion.

    With time and luck even a small ripple can expand into a huge wave. Eventually we hope to expand Last Chance Endeavors into a mass media presence, expanding our reach beyond the classroom. We believe that if everyone had a little more knowledge of this crazy, beautiful, varied and multi-faceted planet we call home, then maybe we’d be one step closer to a sustainable world.

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